Human Restoration Project (HRP) is a 501(c)3 non-profit which **aims to discuss and provide resources that illuminate, foster, and challenge traditional and progressive educational practices. HRP centers its work around four values statements. Each of these statements places systemic change at the forefront to create radically student-centered school systems. Each systemic structural change is outlined in detail in our Primer.

Content Creation (Free)

Our primary work is to spur a movement toward progressive, human-centered systems-change at a nationwide and international level. To achieve this, the vast majority of our published work is available free under a Creative Commons non-commercial license.




Professional development tools for educators to understand the theory/action/praxis of progressive education, such as our Ungrading Handbook and “Why Sheet” of eliminating homework.


Our biweekly podcast highlights educators and experts confronting progressive education in the classroom (and its interconnected systems).


We highlight the writing of others and share our thoughts on systems-based change, promoting human-centered learning, and social justice.

100 Days of Conversations

Our co-lead student voice initiative gathers discussions of students & teachers, platforming their voice as agents of change.


We curate studies, articles, and books highlighting the impact of each of our actions toward systemic change.

Learning Platform

We’ve converted multiple resources into a full asynchronous self-paced learning platform to help educators understand these complex topics.

Extended Opportunities (Paid)

Our secondary work “keeps the doors open”, providing educators an in-depth view of progressive education through paid initiatives.

Human-Centered Schools Network (HCS)

HCS is our premiere professional development opportunity to integrate student-voice and teacher-leadership into actions toward systemic change.


We host virtual workshops on topics we’re passionate and knowledgeable about, including ungrading and purpose-finding.


Our yearly Conference to Restore Humanity! invites educators to tackle complex issues in a reimagined conference setting.

Interdisciplinary Subject (IDS)

We are currently building an interdisciplinary curriculum based on a partnership with Holistic Think Tank, a Polish foundation centered on new learning practices.

Theory of Change

Our goal is to Inform, Guide, and Grow progressive education. Each of our resources is designed to onboard, extend, challenge, and reflect on praxis, meeting people where they are at, regardless of context.