Human Restoration Project has partnered with Streamlabs Charity to enable interested streamers to fundraise for our organization! Whether you're streaming on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, or elsewhere, we'd love your support.

We welcome all gamers, community hosts, artists, and more to help us reimagine education and support our cause. By conducting appropriate streams that align with our values, you can further our collective mission and message of building a better world. Thank you for your assistance!

To get started:

  1. Download, install, and set up the Streamlabs OBS Application. Streamlabs is a free service that utilizes the OpenBroadcaster framework.
  2. Create a fundraiser account and search for us on the Streamlabs Charity website and click “Fundraise.”


  1. If you’re looking for HRP images and promo videos for your stream, including campaign art, see our Streamer Assets.


  2. Create a campaign. The amount you set is up to you! HRP will provide a free HRP shirt, sourced ethically from our union-led friends at RAYGUN, for any amount raised over $125.


    1. Finally, in the Streamlabs application navigate to “Integrations.” Share your fundraiser page with the corresponding Charity integration. This will allow alerts, notifications, and page shares of the fundraiser!


Please let us know if you have any questions. We appreciate you! - Chris ([email protected])