At Human Restoration Project, we are dedicated to being:

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Progressive education is rooted in others’ works. Formed from the work of hundreds of thousands of teachers, our goal is to create a movement that brings about a human-centered education across the entire world. This will require us to be a network without the intent of monopolizing the message. Our goal is to serve as a connector for like-minded educators to bring about change.

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As stated by Vu Le, “we must question everything we thought of as the default, from board governance, to fundraising, to capacity building, to data and evaluation, to philanthropy.” HRP believes that democratic, progressive systems are not solely for the classroom, but the organization itself through a shared leadership model. While each employee has their own specialization, all are trained and offered to engage in any/all elements of the organization, such as podcasting, grant writing, and leading professional development.

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We recognize that in the world of work, teachers are often not adequately compensated for their labor. Educators in the classroom deserve recognition beyond symbolic gestures or the dehumanizing practice of “exposure.” We believe in paying (whatever is possible) to contributing educators and employees. In addition, we recognize work as “work”, detaching the toxic workplace environments that often blend personal obligations and workplace practices.

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HRP employees and all of its constituents encompass people from all backgrounds and perspectives. It’s important that we engage as a force for positive change in the world. Although there is always a place for activism and disagreement, we must engage with kindness and pure intentions. As stated by Michael Brooks, “Be ruthless with systems, be kind to people.”

We adamantly believe that employees should speak up if they feel change is warranted. This is an open, safe place for discussion. Likewise, when we engage with others outside the organization, we’re here to listen and learn.

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Remote First

HRP has always been a remote-first organization. We firmly believe that an entirely remote workplace promotes an environment that is flexible, autonomous, and ultimately, comfortable for our employees. As documented through Gitlab, there are many benefits to remote work. Further, these policies better the world around us, lessening our impact on climate change, allowing us to move from overcrowded, overpriced city centers, and improving our mental health.

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To meet the needs of educators and students around the world, it’s important that we’re always offering the highest quality resources. We do this on two fronts:

  1. We ensure all our resources are based on the forefront of philosophy and research. We provide a variety of research studies to back up our claims, and change our beliefs when new evidence arrives.

  2. We improve upon our systems, being quick and efficient in management. By future-proofing and selecting mission-compatible objectives, we ensure that they inform and improve upon the work we’re already doing.