Joymakers assist in design, artwork, music creation, and other creative endeavors.

We are always looking for help in marketing, artwork, and other creative assets for our various publications, productions, and social media.

What do we need help with?


Creating artwork and designs for any of Human Restoration Project’s various initiatives, such as coursework, advertising our free resources, or attracting partners to our conference.

Infographics and Artwork

Creating designs that reflect the idea of human-centered learning and/or document concepts found in one of our curated research studies. Artwork could also be utilized for merchandising.


Creating music that could be utilized in one of our various YouTube videos, podcasts, or course videos. We tend to utilize sampled music and beats with a sci-fi theme.

Getting Started

  1. This is “drop in” assistance, meaning that you can get started at any time! If you have an idea, go ahead and get started (and see our creative constraints below)! If you’d like to check in with us regarding a specific design idea, please contact us.
  2. Submit any drafts, concepts, ideas, or questions to [email protected] & [email protected] (or on Discord).
  3. Your work will be credited under Human Restoration Project’s CC 4.0 License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International, attributed to Human Restoration Project as well as your preferred artist name. Further, you will be credited on our website. We’re happy to link back to your work.

Creative Constraints

In order to maintain a clear organizational identity, we utilize a common color palette across most of our work and pull from specific themes.

Color Palette


Red (Main)




Dark Red

Other colors may be utilized, but these are our primary colors for most organizational resources.


Our primary fonts are Cabin (Body) and Coolvetica (Titles), which is used on our website and for marketing purposes. However, we do not have any strict font policy for artwork or other publications.

Image Sources

All elements used across our works are licensed royalty free or public domain. Please ensure any resources you utilize are properly attributed. Most of the elements we use can be found in Flickr’s Space & SciFi collection from the British Museum,’s Galaxy Magazine prints, and’s preserved Victorian and Pulp magazine collections.

Assets & Reference


The HRP logo can be modified in color in any way to fit the aesthetic of the design. Sometimes we will remove the outer “HUD” (just showing the heart) for display purposes.